Ms. Richardson is an excellent teacher and musician. She makes learning enjoyable for the students by adding in fun rhymes and games that engage the student. My daughter loves her and looks forward to going to see her every week. Ms. Richardson is also prompt, reliable, organized, and clear in her expectations. She even has a winter and spring recital to showcase the progress of her students.
-Becky H.
Miss Katie is an awesome teacher. She is one of the sweetest, most patient people I know. If you mess up on a song, she will work with you until you get it right!
-Sharon S.
Learning to play the violin has become an exciting opportunity, and Ms. Richardson has made the process very enjoyable. She is a very patient and understanding teacher and constantly finds new ways for me to learn more easily.
-David S.
"Katie is very knowledgeable, patient and thorough. As an adult further advancing my skills I highly recommend her to any age of student."
-Julie Y.
Our 7 year old son initially took group violin lessons with Katelyn Richardson at his charter school. He was a "natural" at violin, and he began to impress us each week with how quickly he learned. Ms. Richardson also recognized his abilities and encouraged us to put him in private lessons. With the group class and the attentive one on one instruction he receives each week from Ms. Richardson, our son's talent is blossoming. Ms. Richardson is professional and takes her work very seriously, but she also has a warm personality and engaging method of teaching. We highly recommend her!
-Amber C.